Thursday, 8 November 2012

Promising result shown by New HIV vaccine

Canadian researchers are working to develop a vaccine HIV first against the world, announced Tuesday that overcame a major hurdle. The preliminary results show the phase study conducted by scientists I at the University of any side effects with a significant increase immunity. A vaccine based on a genetically engineered virus killed, has now moved to the next stage of testing. If all goes well, could be available for the vaccine within five years.

Since the emergence of the first in the 1980s, died of HIV / AIDS more than 28 million people worldwide, with more than 34 million people currently living with HIV infection. Despite numerous attempts in recent years to develop vaccines, has not succeeded so far. But when the first signs of this new vaccine is any indication, that may soon change.

Vaccine, called SAV001-H, developed by Dr. Chil Yong Kang and his team at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry Western, support from Sumagen Canada. Now completed the first phase of this study is a randomized, blinded, placebo injured men and women between the ages of 18 to 50.

The results of the study showed that patients do not suffer from the negative effects - any local reactions to the injections, and the signs and symptoms of toxicity or reactions to the possible. Given that the first results show safety and tolerability in humans, and Western researchers Sumagen now ready to start the next phase of clinical trials of the vaccine effectiveness study immunity.

"We have shown that there is no guarantee SAV001-H in human management and are now ready for the next steps in the direction of Phase II and Phase III clinical trials to take," said Dr. John Kim Dong through official publication. "We are excited to be one step of the vaccine HIV 1 marketed."

Interestingly, the vaccine is unique in that it is to kill HIV all use-A - such as whole virus vaccines used to kill polio, influenza and hepatitis A. A rabies vaccine for luxury vaccine made from killed infectious agent previously lethal inactivated or killed or otherwise, and usually, radiation, heat or chemicals. In this example, HIV-1 was genetically modified so that no infection and can be produced in large quantities.

Phase 2 trial, which will begin next year, testing a vaccine HIV negative 600 volunteers at high risk for injury. This allows the researcher to measure the immune response. Phase 3, it is expected that can be employed 6,000 HIV-negative volunteers from different countries, which also has a risk of infection.

Also, biopharmaceutical companies are looking Sumagen multinational together the globalization of clinical trials and marketing. Sumagen Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based drugs, which was created to develop vaccines HIV funding.